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Jailhouse Brewing Company

August 19, 2011

A good friend, Phillip, is moving to Boston in a couple weeks to go to grad school. In the meantime, he created a bucket list of places to visit in Atlanta before he leaves.

One of the places to which Matt and I tagged along was Jailhouse Brewing Company in Hampton, GA (just south of Atlanta). This was the third trip to this small brewery for Matt and me, but it’s always a great experience, and it’s fun to see how the brewery is growing and changing each time.

This time for an additional $2 you could purchase a pint glass koozie with your glass. So of course we did!

This brewery is housed in the town’s old jailhouse, so it’s a pretty small setup, but it’s pretty intimate. They have three main beers: Slammer Wheat, Mugshot IPA and Breakout Stout.

However, they also do quite a few seasonals and one-off projects, which is always exciting.

I also want to share my outfit for the day trip because it was so comfortable and I felt it was perfect for the occasion. (Love my cowboy boots!)

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