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October 20, 2011

Yesterday, our house was broken into while Matt and I were at work. The burglars made off with our (only) flat screen TV, both MacBooks, Matt’s Xbox and games, and all the DVDs we owned.

Yes, it’s bad losing the only expensive things we own, but what’s worse is that they rifled through all of our belongings looking for more, and they left all the doors to the house open and terrified the cats.

When Matt arrived home and discovered what happened, he immediately began calling for the cats. Jozy arrived shortly, damp from being outside, and it took a while for Maggie to appear. He guessed she hid somewhere upstairs.

The cats are better but still a little on edge (as am I), and it was hard leaving them and the house this morning for work.

All morning while I was getting ready, I was constantly aware of which lights I was turning on and movements I made throughout the house, as if someone was outside watching. And then it was hard to leave the kitties alone. Such a sickening feeling.

What can one possibly do to protect against something like this? Security system, perhaps. But that’s still no guarantee.

It’s unsettling to feel that your home is so vulnerable.

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