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Dance Dance Resolution

February 5, 2012

Growing up, I always played sports: gymnastics when I was little, followed by soccer for a year, then softball and basketball. In high school, my thing was marching band, which involves military precision of marching to the beat.

Because I’d never done so, last year, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to take a dance class (or a few). Yes, that is one resolution I never got around to in 2011, but I finally took four different dance classes in January 2012—and had a blast.

My friend Sara had already taken a few classes at a dance fitness studio, and she invited me to join. What a coincidence, because the place she had been going was one I had been thinking about trying a year before.

On my first visit, I went ahead and bought a class pass. After my first hip-hop class, I was glad I did. Since then, I’ve tried other styles including salsa, reggae, and total body.

Every time I make plans to go, it’s something I look forward to during the day, and afterward I feel invigorated. Such a fun way to burn some energy and relax, and I’m glad I finally achieved one of last year’s resolutions.

I’m aware it is now February, but here are some of my resolutions for 2012:

  • Travel somewhere new (I have this one every year.)
  • Eat healthier, exercise more (Dancing is one way, and I’ve signed up for The Color Run 5K. My goal is to get back into the shape I was in in college.)
  • Run four races this year (Already signed up for one, and I will be signing up to run the Peachtree Road Race again on July 4.)
  • Do more; veg out on the couch less
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