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Crafting Lately

September 16, 2012

While visiting my parents in Charlotte a few weeks ago, my mom told me she found an old window pane in their shed. When they moved in back in January, this shed was filled with a bunch of junk left by the previous owners. My mom has been attempting to clean out and get rid of anything unneeded.

I had been searching for something interesting to put over the couch in my living room, so I jumped at the opportunity for an old window pane.

Two of the windows were missing, so I went ahead and removed the rest, and set it up for painting on flattened boxes in the garage. I opted for black so it would match the rest of our wooden living room furniture. Started with black spray paint primer.

Then I followed that with regular black spray paint and finally a clear spray paint finish. I actually only did one coat per day. Paint, wait, flip, paint.

Side note: The first bottle of spray paint I bought came from Michael’s for $8 and it leaked all over my hand and arm while I was using it. The next two (black and finish) came from Lowe’s for $4 each, and they did not leak. Live and learn.

And the finished product on the wall:

Very happy with the result!

Last week I did a different, smaller project — a balloon wreath for my boss’ birthday.

I used a wire wreath (about $3 from Michael’s) and about eight packs of colorful balloons from Dollar Tree. (Idea via Paisley D)

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