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Never stop learning

August 3, 2013

I collect skills.

Several of my New Year’s resolutionsshooting a gun, learning to play guitar, and taking a photography class — revolve around learning new skills.

Back in March, I took a basic two-hour one-on-one photography class with Ingrid Owens of CameraShy. Because I shoot many event photos for work, I was able to use some of my professional development funds for the class.

Focal point practice

Focal point practice

The one-on-one setup was ideal because I was able to explain what I already knew and what I wanted to learn, and Ingrid picked up there. She even gave me some handy slides to remember what I learned.

I chose to learn basic photography for a couple of reasons. One, I like being able to take better quality photos on trips. And two, graphic design and photography go hand-in-hand. Good photos are needed to work alongside good design in most pieces. When I’m able to capture quality photos myself, I can then use them in my designs.

What is a new skill you’ve learned as an adult?

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